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     The Swiss Paragliding Acro League is composed of expert aerobatic pilots, a team-leader, an official in charge of

     liaising with the Swiss Paragliding Federation (SHV-FSVL) and of a technical staff.


     The league enables the pilots to meet, the acquisition and improvement of aerobatic manoeuvres and competition



     The league organises teams to represent Switzerland at aerobatic competitions and championships.


     It also organises training sessions for the League pilots and aspiring pilots, and offers them support.





     To prepare and select pilots for international competitions.


     To represent Switzerland during those competitions.


     To organize training sessions in a location suitable for aerobatics.


     To develop and promote a sage practice of the sport.


     To gather data on the various competitions and championships.


     To train new pilots.


     To coordinate demos in selected events.


     To develop new ideas and concepts.